Use / Application Simple, cost-effective Torque Wrench Checking
Product Type Torque Measurement
Range 0.1 -2,100 N·m (10-800 lbf·ft)

This cost-effective Torque Wrench checker has been redesigned to incorporate improved features whilst maintaining ease of use. The TruCheckTM 2 aims to cut the cost of purchasing a torque wrench checking system and remove the reservations over the complexity of using such equipment.


  • Enables torque wrench performance to be monitored as part of your strategy to keep wrenches in peak condition
  • Two versions, TruCheck™ 2 and TruCheck™ 2 Plus available
  • ‘Basic’ version has limited settable options. Ideal for non-expert users with click type torque wrenches
  • TruCheck™ 2 Plus allows a selection of torque units, three modes of operation
    (Click, dial and Track), the ability to store up to 15 targets and select from 12 languages
  • Plus version allows operator to set a target value and tolerance
  • ±1% of reading accuracy (±2% when below 10% of range for the 10 N·m and 1,100 N·m TruCheck™ 2 model)
  • Inbuilt Micro USB 2.0 port enables power from any USB power source.
    Plus version allows for both power and data transfer simultaneously
  • Supplied with traceable calibration certificate in clockwise direction.
    A counter-clockwise calibration is available at additional cost
  • A UKAS accredited calibration certificate can be provided in place of the traceable calibration certificate at additional cost
  • LCD display with clear target indication from colour changing display (Plus version only). Visible in poorly lit work areas
  • Requires two Hexagon Socket Head Cap Screws ISO 4762 – M6 – 8.8 to fix in position (not included)
  • 3 N·m and 10 N·m models supplied with 1/4″ male hexagon and a 1/4″ female square drive adapter
  • 30 N·m models supplied with 10 mm male hexagon, 1/4″ and 3/8″ female square drive adapter
  • 65 N·m models supplied with 3/8″ female square drive adapter
  • 260 lbf.ft and 350 N·m models supplied with 1/2″ female square drive
  • Requires two Hexagon Socket Head Cap Screws ISO 4762 – M10 – 12.9 to fix in position (not included)
  • 800 lbf.ft and 1,100 N·m models supplied with 27mm male hexagon plus 3/4″ square drive socket
  • 2,100 N·m models supplied with 27 mm male hexagon plus 1″ square drive socketNOTE: The male hexagon on the 3 N.m and 10 N.m models is vertically aligned.
    The 30 N.m model male hexagon is horizontally aligned.Comes with carry case, power supply and USB cable (with multinational plug adapter),
    quick reference (QR) guide and a calibration certificate.



TruCheck™ 2 can also be used for checking non-impacting powered torque tools, such as the EvoTorque® Battery Tool. Norbar’s Power Tool Test Fixtures, 1,000 N·m (#50757) & 2,000 N·m (#50774) and Trucheck™ 2 Power Tool Test Fixture Adapter Plate Kit (39994) sold separately will enable this cost-effective means of checking powered torque tools.

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