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    McCann Equipment Ltd. is taking action to help protect the health and well-being of both our customers and our employees.
    We are monitoring and evaluating our procedures daily, based on the recommendations and information from Federal and Provincial government agencies.

    The following measures are being taken by our employees at all of our branches:

    • Maintaining proper hygiene. Frequent hand-washing using soap and water, and the use of hand sanitizer
      (which is available at all entrance/exit points of the building and in the different work areas). Protective gloves are also available.
    • Everyone has been instructed to maintain a distance of 2 metres (6 feet) from others and not to shake hands.
    • Our work areas and surfaces are being cleaned more often and high-traffic, high-contact areas are being disinfected daily.
    • Anyone appearing ill will be instructed to return home and those who are sick are to remain at home.
    • All non-essential meetings, travel and similar activities have been put on hold.
      All necessary interactions such as training or meetings will be done via the web to limit exposure.

    McCann Equipment has been through many situations in our 46 year history and we intend to handle this one as we always have,
    by placing those we work for and those who work for us, as our number one priority.

    Help us to serve you better.
    We are constantly striving to improve the level of service to our clients.
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