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    McCann Equipment is proud to represent a widely diverse product range of torque tools, torque equipment and accessories that are sure to meet the needs in most industries and for most applications. We have equipment for the smallest to largest industrial projects.

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    Heavy equipment

    The importance in the Heavy Equipment industry is reliability, durability and the ability to withstand harsh environments.

    Military & Defense

    Two of the most critical issues in the aerospace industry is to maximize safety and minimize weight.


    Mining & refining

    Major concerns in the Mining and Refining industry is safety and down-time. Equipment used in this industry need to be safe and secure.


    This industry requires accuracy, and durability. Safety and reliability are of extreme importance.

    Oil & gas, petrochemical

    Equipment for refineries, pipelines and oil and gas installations are concerned with tools and equipment that have a minimum impact on weight and size while also being robust for harsh environments.


    Of major importance to vehicle manufacturing, building and maintenance of road & rail is accuracy, durability and reliability. Tools required can range from ergonomic tools, torque wrenches that are easy to use, along with low levels of noise and vibration.


    Construction & steel erectors

    Major concerns in this industry are safety and down-time. Equipment used in this industry needs to focus on safety and security, but also weight and durability.


    Energy generation

    Manufacturing and maintenance are integral in the power generation industry. Tools and equipment to help run more efficiently, reliably and cleanly. Products need to be compact, light, accurate and robust in order to operate in even the most hostile environments.

    Manufacturing, assembly & food processing

    Critical to this industry is reliability and accuracy. The use of accurate and reliable torque tools and torque measurement equipment is a necessity.