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    Use / Application For simple, cost effective testing of torque screwdrivers
    and torque wrenches.
    Product Type Torque Measurement
    • Allows torque tool performance to be monitored and tools kept in peak condition
    • Two versions, TruCheckTM and TruCheckTM Plus
    • Basic version has no settable options. Ideal for non-expert users
    • TruCheckTM Plus allows selection of torque units and modes for ‘click’
      and dial type wrenches
    • ‘Plus’ version allows operator to set a target value and tolerance
    • Supplied with traceable calibration certificate

    One of the concerns in putting a torque tester into an environment where people are not calibration specialists is that incorrect selections will be made with the potential of incorrect tool setting and consequently joint failure. The ‘TruCheckTM’ torque wrench testers aim to cut the cost of purchasing a torque wrench calibration system, and remove the fears over the complexity of using such equipment. There are two versions available, the ‘TruCheckTM’ being the most basic version, and the ‘TruCheckTM Plus’ having greater functionality, to offer more flexibility.

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