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    TONE® – MCT-100AE

    Use / Application Simple Torquon
    Product Type Electric Tool
    Model MCT-100AE

    Frequency: 50-60Hz
    Voltage (Single Phase): 110V-120V
    Max Current: 9A
    Max. Power: 1050W
    Rated Max Torque: 7400 lbf.ft
    Controllable Torque: 3000~7400 lbf.ft
    Rated No-load Speed: 1.5min-1 ( rpm)
    Noise & Vibration Level:
    Sound Pressure Level 84dB(A),
    Acoustic Power Level 95dB(A),
    Vibration level 2.5m/s2 or below
    Adaptable Bolt: Hex bolt
    Insulation: Double Insulation
    Weight: 16.3 kg (excludes socket & cord)

    • Reaction Bar
    • Metal Case
    • (-) Screw Driver: (For Dial Setting)
    • Instruction manual

    • Small Gear Diameter
    • Double Insulation
    • Control torque CW/CCW

    *Specifications / accessories / options / features are subject to change without notice.

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