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    T-BOXTM 2

    Use / Application Torque Data Analyser
    Product Type Torque Measurement
    Model T-Box 2 (Part Number 43542)


    The T-Box™ 2 utilises its powerful processor to provide a seamless
    and complete torque data collection package. This is capable of
    tool calibrations, data logging, simultaneous transducer connections
    and archiving to your PC.


    • Accuracy of ± 0.05% of reading  (± 0.1% when below 5% of transducer capacity)
    • Includes 6 modes for torque tool measurement: Track, Click, Dial & Electronic,
    Stall, Screwdriver and Hydraulic
    • Can export readings and graphs to CSV and JSON format allowing for 3rd party
    software integration
    • File browser/manager for internal storage and USB management giving the user
    greater ease and flexibility in managing multiple files and folders
    • 2 transducer ports gives you the ability to perform 2 tasks simultaneously
    e.g. graphing & measuring
    • Fast CPU frequency up to 2.3 GHz
    • Large capacity memory of 120GB SSD storage
    • The T-Box™ 2 can capture graphs up to 325 Hz, offering the ability to analyse
    fast moving transients
    • 4GB RAM allows for smooth and seamless operation
    • Ability to predefine multiple targets


    Analogue Board Module (AnB) – Part Number 43543:
    The Analogue Board Module offers the convenience to plug in more
    than 2 transducers into the T-Box™ 2. Also offers the advantage of
    being able to place your transducer at a distance to your T-Box™ 2
    with no detrimental effects on the measurement signal.

    T-Box™ 2
    Part number: 43542

    TDMS Software
    Part number: 61908

    Analogue Board Module (AnB)
    Part number: 43543

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