Use / Application Allows excellent bolt access / Light & Fast.
Product Type Electronic Torque Tool / Pneumatic
Model PNEUTORQUE® PTM 52 / 72 / 92 / 119 SERIES (Various models available and in both 110V and 230V)
Range Models available from 100 - 7000 N.m (74 to 5200 lbf.ft).

Using twin motor technology, the PTM series of PneuTorques is engineered to be amongst the lightest and fastest on the market. For example, the 800 N.m version has a gearbox diameter of just 52mm, allowing excellent bolt access, and has a maximum free running speed of 224 rpm. Torque control is normally achieved by adjustment of air pressure. An air pressure versus torque graph and a calibration certificate is supplied with each tool.

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