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McCann Equipment Ltd., carries a complete range of torque tool products.
Such as manual, pneumatic, electric and hydraulic torque wrenches.
Complete range of torque multipliers.

Wheelmaster Pneumatic Torque Wrench® – Non-impacting

Introducing the WHEELMASTER pneumatic torque wrench, the torque wrench specifically designed for the trucking and bus industries. With a specially fitted nose extension and reaction arm, the WHEELMASTER makes short work of torquing all truck and bus wheel nuts to factory specifications. The dual air motors utilized by the WHEELMASTER allow for fast run down speeds and slower rpm for final torquing, while the ¾” square drive reversible gear box provides 150 to 750 foot pounds of adjustable torque.

750 lbf.ft (1000 Nm) of torque in a light weight hand held  pneumatic torque wrench.

Replaceable 3/4” square drive

Reversible ! Torques in both directions

The WHEELMASTER utilizes two air motors, one to give a  high rundown speed (125 rpm) and a combination of both  to apply the final torque.

The exceptionally compact gearbox and extension arm provide excellent access to recessed wheel nuts

±5% repeatable stall accuracy.

Each tool is certified (NIST / NRC Traceable)

Each tool is supplied with its own air pressure graph.

The FRL (Filter, Regulator,  Lubricator) control unit is also available separately.

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Additional information

Model Direction of Operation Torque Control Square Drive Range Free running speed Weight
Inch Lbf.ft N.m rpm Lbs Kg
WM750 Bi-directional Stall 3/4 150-750 200-1000 125 13 6.8