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McCann Equipment Ltd., carries a complete range of torque tool products.
Such as manual, pneumatic, electric and hydraulic torque wrenches.
Complete range of torque multipliers.


Torque Wrench Loader –TWL1500

The design of the TWL1500 includes features that will provide an accurate and cost effective method for the calibration or testing of torque wrenches.

Designed to suit the majority of torque wrenches available with a torque value between 1 to 1500 N.m, the TWL1500 has been manufactured using quality materials that will provide many years of continuous, trouble-free operation.

The most significant feature of the TWL1500 is its compatibility with our wide range of
Flange Mounted, Pro-Test and Smart Torque Block transducers. All fixtures, fastener kits
and instructions are supplied allowing for complete flexibility and functionality.

Additional information

TWL1500 Torque Wrench Loader – Part No. 60246

Transducer Mounting Position Transducer Options Transducer Part No. Calibrated Range Torque Wrench min Torque Wrench max
With FMT Range (see main phot ograph)
Position 1 FMT10 50672.LOG 0.5-10 N.m 145mm 1310mm
FMT150 50673.LOG 1.25-25 N.m 145mm 1310mm
Position 2 FMT400 50674.LOG 7.5-150 N.m 240mm 1405mm
FMT1500 50675.LOG 20-400 N.m 240mm 1405mm
Position 3 50676.LOG 30-1500 N.m 336mm 1500mm
With Pro-Test
Position 1 Pro-Test 400 43219 8-400 N.m 240mm 1405mm
Pro-Test 1500 43220 30-1500 N.m 240mm 1405mm
Position 2 Pro-Test 1500 43220 30-1500 N.m 336mm 1500mm
With STB1000
Position 1 STB1000 50683.LOG 20-1000 N.m 240mm 1405mm
Position 2 STB1000 50683.LOG 20-1000 N.m 336mm 336mm

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