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Smart Torque Block-STB

“SMART” Torque Block – STB

STB Transducers were originally used in Norbar’s smart torque blocks “TWA” measurement system. The TWA instrument is no longer available but the transducers have been upgraded to the new generation “SMART” type.

  • • Classified to BS7882:2008, typically better than Class 1 for the primary classification range (+/-0/5% of reading from 20% to 100% of full scale).
  • • ‘SMART’ – TST, TTT, TTL-HE & T-Box instruments will automatically recognise calibration details.
  • • Supplied with UKAS accredited calibration certificate.

There are two models, STB1000 and STB3000. Transducer Lead is incorporated and is terminated in a Lemo® connector suitable for the Pro-Log, TST and TTT.

Additional information

Model Part Code Range Square Drives
STB1000 50683.XXX 20-100 Nm 1/2″+3/4″
STB3000 50684.XXX 150-3000 Nm 3/4″+1″