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McCann Equipment Ltd., carries a complete range of torque tool products.
Such as manual, pneumatic, electric and hydraulic torque wrenches.
Complete range of torque multipliers.

Flange Mounted

Flange Mounted Transducers -FMT

Flange Mounted Transducers incorporate mounting points for securely fixing the transducer to the working surface. The transducer lead is also included and is fitted with a high quality Lemo® connector, suitable for attachment to TST and TTT instruments.


  • • Classified to BS7882:2008, typically better than Class 1 for the primary classification range (+/-0.5% of reading from 20% to 100% of full scale).
  • • ‘SMART’ – TST, TTT, TTL-HE & T-Box instruments will automatically recognise calibration details.
  • • Rundown Fixture is included on transducers up to 150 N•m (100 lbf•ft) allowing joint simulation for power tool testing.
  • • Supplied with UKAS accredited calibration certificate.
  • • Transducers are supplied with precision made square drive adaptors.

Additional information

Imperial Calibrated Transducers

Capacity Part code Range Square drives
20 Lbf.in 50677.XXX 0.4-20 Lbf.in 1/4″
100 Lbf.in 50678.XXX 5-100 Lbf.in 1/4″
250 Lbf.in 50679.XXX 12.5-250 Lbf.in 1/4″+3/8″
100 Lbf.ft 50680.XXX 5-100 Lbf.ft 3/8″+1/2″
250 Lbf.ft 50681.XXX 12.5-250 Lbf.ft 1/2″+3/4″
1000 Lbf.ft 50682.XXX 20-1000 Lbf.ft 1/2″+3/4″+1″