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Équipement McCann Ltée., offre une gamme complète d’outils dynamométriques.
Tels que des clés dynamométriques manuelles, pneumatiques, électriques et hydrauliques.
Gamme complète de multiplicateurs de couple.

TX Series

Low Profile Hydraulic Torque Wrench.
The wrench with versatility.

The world’s most challenging bolting jobs require
a hydraulic torque wrench that can go “flat out.”

Applications with restrictions above, around
and behind the nut demand a tool that can get
flat and get on the job.

The TX series was the first flat hydraulic
wrench to conquer all limitations…
and then some!!

Industry not only requires a tool that
gets in…but one that works beyond the
job-site expectation. With 20 years
of proven success in the harshest
environments, the only wrench truly
capableof going “flat out” is the
TorcUP TX series.

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