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Équipement McCann Ltée., offre une gamme complète d’outils dynamométriques.
Tels que des clés dynamométriques manuelles, pneumatiques, électriques et hydrauliques.
Gamme complète de multiplicateurs de couple.

Série – TU Ultra

Square Drive Hydraulic Torque Wrench.
The wrench with style.

Not only does the TU series look good…
but it performs great!! The “Go-to” tool
on every job-site is the TU Square Drive
Hydraulic Wrench. From 130 ft/lbs to
60,000 ft/lbs the TU is the one tool that all
customers know will be there when they need it.
With only three moving parts constructed from
the highest grade aerospace alloys, the TU
provides years of trouble free operation.
When it comes to lubrication and preventative
maintenance, there is no square drive hydraulic
wrench comparable to the TU series. Reliability,
ease of use, ease of fitment on applications,
simple to maintain… this is just the start of
a long list offeatures thatbenefit the users
of the TU series. Made in USA.

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