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Torque Tools

McCANN Equipment Canada, is one of the largest suppliers of torque tools in Canada.

McCANN Equipment Ltd. is a complete torque tools specialty house. We provide torque equipment from manual torque screwdrivers and torque wrenches to high powered pneumatic torque wrenches and torque multipliers, torque calibration equipment and hydraulic torque wrenches controllers.

Since 1942, the company is now the largest and most modern torque supplier plant in Europe devoted exclusively to the design, development and production of torque tightening and measuring equipment. Electronic torque analyzers, pneumatic, torque testers, geared and hydraulic equipment.

Through the past 15 years, a revolution in assembly procedures has brought torque control and ergonomics to become priorities in the American factory. McCANN represents only high quality production tools to meet todays quality standards.

Torque Control - For improved quality and safety, more efficient production, less product recalls and rework. To conform to ISO quality standards.

Ergonomics - Reduced employee injury and expensive compensation claims.

Assembly Tools - Manual, electric or pneumatic torque tools controlled drivers, auto feed systems, ergonomic workstations and torque arms.

Torque Tools & Controllers - Torque tools can be tested statically with manual screwdrivers, dial or click wrenches or with rotary transducers used in conjunction with power tools. Torque measurement can be tested for repeatability on digital torque testers. In addition, power tools are available with built-in transducers and solenoids and can be pre programmed to shut off at a specific torque product. (See our separate on analyzers and controllers for further information)

Workstations - McCANN can provide complete workstations for production. Components include benches, torque reaction arms and tool balancers. We also provide custom fabricated torque workstations utilizing torque controlled screwdrivers and nutrunners.

A complete area within this site is devoted to our primary line of Torcup Tools. Used in all industries from manufacturing to mining, Norbar represents the highest quality available in torque products.

Torque tools requirements in the trucking industry are becoming more and more critical due to the pending legislation as the result of accidents caused by wheel loss. Attempts to provide better accuracy with traditional tools such as impact wrenches and conventional click type torque wrenches have mixed results at best. One such method includes the use "torque sticks", a torque limiting device. Unfortunately, these devices have not proved well in the field, partly because they are dependant on the output of the impact tool they are used with. An impact wrench is inherently designed to lose power as the metal to hammer mechanism wears. To address this problem, McCANN Equipment Ltd. has introduced a number of torque tools to the tire service industry.

In today's production environment, it has become increasingly important to verify the integrity of every fastened joint. ISO documentation, customer demand and safely issues have pushed quality standards to higher and higher levels. Depending on the need, an application may require that the torque applied be either monitored or actually controlled through the use of transducerised tools. Monitoring can be accomplished by testing the performance of the tool, or on the actual application. Some systems have built in statistical programs. Data can be downloaded to a PC for additional analysis.

As specialists in the field, McCann EquipmentLtd. can help you make the decision.